Resellers Host Free!
Webmasters, you can host your domain for free on our lightning fast servers with multiple DS3 connections!  

Here's how to get your FREE 10 MB "Plan 2" account:

1) Read and understand the Reseller program details, reseller terms of service and general terms of service

2) Fill out the application

3) You'll be emailed an agreement which you'll sign and fax or mail to NewCreations, along with your choice of domain name and setup information. (Applications of known spammers or porn providers will not be processed. We reserve the right to deny access.)

You'll get your login name and password within 24 hours, and you can then upload your site to the server. Your domain name will be "propagated" within 2 days!

The fine print:

1) You must be actively reselling NewCreations Virtual Hosting Plans (under your business name, of course), and sell a minimum of 1 domain per month (easily achievable)
In any month in which you do NOT sell a minimum of 1 domain, you agree that your credit card or checking account will be billed the normal $14.95 fee.

2) The free domain you host here must point to a professional quality web site which specifically advertises your web hosting/web design business. In other words, this is NOT the place for your personal homepage, "Biz Ops" page or MLM promo. (Feel free to place your personal site or any other sites here in subdirectories under your business site.)

3) No SPAM, porn, warez, or any other illegal materials. You agree to our normal terms of service, plus the terms of service specifically for resellers.

4) You pay your own Internic fee, and a one-time $29.50 DNS setup fee.

OK, I'm in!  Let's get started!


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