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Plesk Control Panel Questions

  • What's a webuser?
  • Where can I find instructions on Plesk?
  • Where do I access the Plesk Server Administrator or "control panel"?
  • How do I know how if I'm over my quota? How much disk space is my site using?
  • What is a domain user? How is it different from a webuser?
  • I'm a reseller - how do I add new domains?
  • I've been experimenting a bit with password protected directories using .htaccess & .htpasswd files. Now, as I understand, this can be done via the Plesk Control Panel - is this correct?
  • I tried to set up a control panel for one of my domains, but I cannot log into the control panel for that account using the username and password I set up.
  • I'm a reseller - how do I add my logo to my customer's control panel?
  • I'm a reseller - how do I give my customers their own control panel?

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