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How can I get more visitors to my site? I'm not getting much traffic...

The basic ways people find your site:

Search Engines and Indexes
Hot lists and directories
Links from other sites (be careful about links OUT of your main site)
Links from your email signature
Usenet newsgroups
Banner Ads
Traditional Print, Radio, TV Ads
The first 6 are very cheap - start there! The Painful Truth:
When it comes to building traffic on your site, there is no free lunch. You just have to discipline yourself to do it, and it takes time.

The good news:
If you do what this guy tells you, significantly higher levels of traffic WILL be your payoff: VirtualPROMOTE Take the time to really read and implement his advice - all of it. It works!

Some other tips on building traffic:
Hand register your site with the search engines rather than using a "submit to 200 search engines" spider. Your results will be much better.
Ask people to bookmark your site.
Offer a "click here to be updated on changes to our site" button.
Put your URL and email address on all your stationery, invoices, fax cover sheets, and catalogs.
Mail an announcement to all your customers, inviting them to an "Online Open House"
Join several newsgroups, and use your URL in your signature block. (no spamming!!)

See Also:

GVUs 8th Survey Check out the graphs on How Users Find out About WWW Pages. These graphs are important, because they will help you target your marketing efforts. For ex: don't expect a lot of traffic from Usenet if your service appeals to novices... etc.

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