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How can I make my images load faster?

Make your site lean & fast loading - as a general rule of thumb, you should keep your images below 15K, and each page of your site below 50K total.

Be kind to your visitors, and value their time! If you don't, they won't stay long, and won't return.

In order to make your pages load as quickly as possible your goal should be to squeeze as much bandwidth as possible out of your images.

Check out these great FREE online tools:

GIFBot Can optimize both GIF and JPEG More than just image optimization - it does drop shadows, button effects, resize, blur, and tons of other effects.

GIF Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing Gif Wizard is not free, but it's fast, efficient, and doesn't destroy your image quality. Even if you think you've shaved the last bit of bandwidth fom your site, Gif Wizard will skinny it down significantly.

Ulead SmartSaver is for you if you do a lot of this - online image processing can be very tedious if you have a big batch of images. SmartSaver will shrink your gifs, jpegs and animated gifs - the great feature of this software is that you can skinny down your images one color at a time, and get the absolute smalles file size without degrading image quality.  Check it out!

Another good resource, if you want to get really compulsive about it, is the Bandwidth Conservation Society.

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