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How do I get my website to your server?

Uploading files to the server is quite easy, but there are a few things you need to remember. Once you have mastered these simple techniques you will be able to add any files you want to your site.

Your web pages and CGI scripts can be produced on your local machine and then the finished product can be uploaded to the server.

Here are the simple steps you can take:

1.You will need an FTP client for your local machine. You can find many free and useful clients on the Internet.

If you use windows, we have found WinTelnet & FTP Pro by Insanely Great Software to more than live up to its name. WS_FTP is also good, and free for non-profit and non-commercial use, but not as full-featured. The neatest feature WinTelnet & FTP Pro offers is the "background copy" feature, which allows you to copy a set of files in the background, while you move on, selecting and uploading other files. Big timesaver! For you Mac Die-hards, try Fetch.

2.Connect to the server via FTP using your login id, and your login password. Use your domain name ( as hostname, unless you have been told to do otherwise by NewCreations. Do not login as anonymous, as you will not have access to the directories and files you need.

3.When you login to your site, you will be at your home or "root" directory. Change Directories to "httpdocs" Here you will place your index.html. This is the default page that comes up when "" is entered in a browser. Be sure you FTP all your HTML files, as well as any text files such as cgi script source code in ASCII format! All your image files need to be FTP'd in BINARY format.

To FTP (transfer) files to and from the server, you use the arrow keys located in the middle of the WS_FTP window. The white window with all the filenames on the left is your computer. The white window on the right is your directory listing on the server. (you'll see index.html here)

To transfer a file from your computer to the server, you would highlight the file you want to transfer in the left window and then click the right arrow button.

IMPORTANT: Don't try to transfer an entire directory or "file folder" to the server - this won't work. You must open the directory, highlight the individual files (you can highlight multiple files by using your shift key with your mouse) and THEN click the arrow to transfer your files.

4.If you FTP a file called test.htm to your httpdocs directory, it will be accessed by the address

For example, if you make a directory called "documents" inside your httpdocs directory, and FTP your file called info.html to that directory, it will be accessed by the address

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