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How do I setup my email POP account?

You can add up to 20 email boxes, 20 email forwards, and lots of other goodies in Plesk.

To add an email box or POP account, you should log in to the Plesk Server Administrator, click on your domain name, click on "mail" and follow the steps add your mailbox.

Here are step by step instructions for seting up an email box in Plesk:

1) Login to Plesk - you'll see a list of all your domains there

2) Click on the domain you want to manage

3) Click on the "Mail" button

4) You'll see a list of Mailnames which you have created (or none if you haven't created any yet)

5) Type in the Mailname you want to create - for example type in "test" (no quotes) if you want to create the email box

6) Click the "Add" button

7) Then you're taken to a screen where you must choose what type of Mailname you want "test" to be - a Mailbox, a redirect, a Mail Group, or an Autoresponder. If you'd like it to be a Mailbox, check the "Mailbox" checkbox and type in the password you would like for that mailbox.

8) Scroll down to the bottom of the screen & Click the "Update" button

Voila! You've created your mailbox!

To learn how to check your email box:

HERE for Outlook Express,

HERE for Netscape Messenger, or

HERE for Pegasus or Eudora.

Or better yet, use your free webmail - it's included with your account at

If you require additional email boxes, there may or may not be additional fees, depending on which plan you signed up for.

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