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I uploaded an updated page by FTP, but when I go to my site the old page still shows - what's up?

You can make your web browser "see" the correct information by:

1) closing all your web browser windows but one (and that one shouldn't have your web site open)

2) clear your cache

3) restart your web browser

Here are instructions for clearing your cache in IE:

1) In the top menu, click Tools > Internet Options

2) Under the "General" tab, look for "Temporary Internet files" and click delete files

3) In the popup box, check "Delete all offline content" and click "OK"

4) Under the "General" tab, beneath "Temporary Internet files" look for "History" and click "clear history"

Then restart IE.

Web Browser cache can be a stubborn, confusing, and maddening thing...

I wish they wouldn't have ever invented it because it causes so many people such confusion and frustration.

Fun, fun!

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