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How do I change my email forwarding - the "catchall" or "wildcard" address?

This is somewhat confusing in Plesk - the "wildcard" forward is setup in each domain's "Preferences" - called "Mail to nonexistent user". It's the last item in each domain's "preferences" window - you get there by:

1) Login to Plesk - you'll see a list of domains there

2) Click on the domain you want to manage

3) Click on the "Preferences" button

4) Find the "Mail to Nonexistant User" field and be sure "Catch to Address" is checked and is pointing to a valid email box.

5) Click the "Update" button

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have "mail to a
nonexistant user" pointed at a valid email address!

If you point it at an email box that you no longer
have, or an email box that you haven't created yet,
all your email will bounce!!

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