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How do I setup an e-mail distribution list or "Mailgroup"?

You can setup an email list in Plesk: or
login name: yourlogin
password: yourpassword

Click on the domain name you want to create the list for

Then click the "MAIL" button

Create a mailname (for example "mylist")

In the next screen check the checkbox "Mailgroup" and then "ADD"

A popup will appear, where you enter the recipient email addresses

Add these, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "UPDATE"

Voila! Now any email message sent to will automatically be sent to all the recipients on your list!

Similarly to autoresponders - be sure you REALLY safeguard the address for your distribution list! If a spammer gets the email address for your list, all the members of your list will get a copy of every message he sends.

Also, if one of the email messages on your list is incorrect, and a bounce message is sent back, everyone on the list will get a copy of the bounce! Be careful to administrate your distribution lists correctly.

You could also try installing a cgi script for this task instead, from or you could use this great program: Better Letter

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