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How do I setup an autoresponder?

To create an autoresponder "" you
would login to your plesk account here:

click on the domain you want to manage (

click on "mail"

Create new mail name: type in "me" (or whatever you want your autoresponder address to be - no quotes)

click "add"

This would take you to another screen with several options for this mail username - you can make it a mailbox, a redirect, a mailgroup, or an autoresponder.

check the "Mail autoresponders" checkbox

click "add" - this will bring a popup window, where you type in the autoresponder's name again - me

Then you will get another screen where you can type in the text of your autoresponder message

Then click "update"

This completes your autoresponder setup!

When setting up an autoresponder, it's really important to not EVER list that email address on a web page.

If you list it on a web page, or use one on a main email address spammers will get it (they have "spiders" which extract all email addresses from your site and add them to their email lists)

Then, each time you get a spam, your autoresponder will respond, and will get several messages telling you your message bounced, which will generate several more autoresponders... etc etc etc

Then you have a "runaway" problem, and your mailbox will be stuffed with bounce messages and will probably lock up.

There are a few safety features built into the autoresponder software.

"Require text in subject" is a good safeguard. That way your autoresponder doesn't respond to "your message bounced" type messages.

You could require "pricing" in the subject of the email message before it would respond.

Also, you could limit the number of times to respond to a certain email address to once per day. (But with spammers, this would still not help because they forge their IP addresses)

Be sure to really safeguard the email address of your autoresponders!

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